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Musculoskeletal Society of India

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Workshop,

Live Demo Pune 2018

10-11 MARCH 2018

Skill Enhancement and Skill Reinforcement Workshop for Radiologists 

includes Cadaver Shoulder Workshop

The first MSS MSK USG workshop concluded in Pune. The course was held on 10th and 11th of March 2018 in Dr D Y Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune 18. The course was attended by close to 65 delegates. The course has 5 stations on day one and 4 stations on day two. Delegates used to rotate every 80 minutes in these stations. The session was punctuated by a 30 minutes lunch break. The program and CME timings were 9 am to 5 pm. 

There were 20 national faculty for the workshops. They were divided in 5 stations on day one and 4 on day 2. Each station had 3 faculty. One faculty was for detailing the anatomy and one was for the demonstration of the normal anatomy. 

Following were the faculty in alphabetical order:

Dr Amit Kharat, Dr Ankur Shah, Dr Ashwin Lawande, Dr Chaitanya Koneru, Dr Joban Babulkar, Dr Mahesh prakash, Dr Nafisa Shakir batta, Dr Raghav Agarwal, Dr Rakhee Kumar Paruchuri, Dr Sanjay Desai, Dr Shalini Agarwal, Dr Srikanth Narayanswamy, Dr Srinadh Boppana, Dr Shivkanta Patil, Dr Varaprasad N, Dr Vardhan Joshi, Dr Vishwa Chouhan.

We also had additional faculty from the anatomy department, these included  Dr Manvikar, Dr Neelesh Kanasker and Dr Dinesh Patel who demonstrated the cadaver anatomy for the shoulder joint.

Overall there were 20 faculty to manage 65 to 70 delegates with a student and faculty ratio of 3: 1

Attached below is the feedback from the delegates on the MSS MSK USG WORKSHOP 2018.

Great faculty
Very well organized the way of teaching from basic
The faculties and their co-operation while teaching
Please repeat it every year
Awaiting for more
Very basic covered so good for us (beginners) delegates and faculty were very polite
Good comprehensive course
Personal attention
Highly interactive
Awesome team
Attention to time
Mentorship was just great
Very supportive teachers
Great effort from faculty
Very nicely conducted
Very unique and nontheoretical
Such courses are very much required
No improvements needed, move it to level II next year
Make it an annual event
Very systematic
Great mentors
Injection and intervention
The concept of workshop and stations
Excellent cadaveric anatomy teachers
Faculty always willing to cooperate
Great dissection hall experience
Continue this ahead with level II..........

Thank you for being a part of the event.

The Indian “Musculoskeletal Society”provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge in a rapidly 

advancing field of Musculoskeletal Radiology. The aim of the society is to play important role in the advancement of the musculoskeletal radiology in India through regular interaction between its members and other institutions, both in India and Internationally. The society will engage in a wide range of activities for sharing of knowledge through scientific meetings, awareness programs, training, and conferences




D Y Patil Hospital is the venue for the course of the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Live Workshop. 
The hospital has a busy and bustling MSK OPD with a large workload of MSK cases being a tertiary care centre. The department of radiology runs a one fellowship program in MSK Imaging with intake of two candidates each year. The head of the department is Dr S Gandage and the Fellowship Course director is Dr Amit Kharat.


The department of radiology also has a Ph.D. Program in Radiology apart from MD programs. Its present and past students have contributed to presentations at national, international events, and indexed publications. 


Message from the Organizers,

" I welcome you all. This will be a unique no-frills workshop which will reinforce your skills and impart confidence while doing musculoskeletal ultrasound, this is probably the first time we will be debuting a cadaveric shoulder anatomy workshop" 



Dr Amit Kharat


Musculoskeletal Fellowship Course Director,

Dr D Y Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune - 18

Organizer, MSS, MSK Workshops

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